Bittersweet Sunday

Our hardy volunteers braved the stormy forecast and were rewarded by a (mostly) rain free workday.  Okay, we got a little wet but it was worth it. Our chainsawyers worked through a tangle of buckthorn and oriental bittersweet today. Bittersweet is an aggressive twisty climbing woody vine that can quickly girdle trees. Fortunately, our burn boss reported that it burns up just as well as buckthorn once we pulled it over to the fire. And kudos to Paul for keeping the fire going during the rain.  We don't call him the Burn Boss for nothing! Fingers crossed for better weather on Saturday, March 26.  This will be our last cut and burn workday until September.  We'll be here from 9 to 3, stop by for a few hours so we can finish the season strong!  Register at IMG_0613 IMG_0609 Clear view!             Bittersweet thicket.    
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