Calling Frog Survey

IMG_0691The Calling Frog Survey was established in 2000 to compile long term data on Chicagoland frogs, including species and abundance. Data is used to help in land managment planning. Monitors are citizen-scientists who attend trainings to learn route protocol and frog call identification. Friend of Busse Woods volunteers Kit, Tony, and Jeff have established the first route at Busse Woods.  From February to July they make several visits to their five listening points. Monitoring begins after dusk, when temperature and wind speed guidelines are met. Data collected includes: Wind strength, time, air temperature Weather Bureau sky code Water temperature Water flucuations Habitat changes Then the fun starts-although what's not fun about (legally) tromping around the FPCC at night? The monitors listen at each station for five minutes and identify frogs by their call. Twelve species of frogs and toads are listened for.  For more information on frogs in the Forest Preserves and to hear their unique calls visit Frog Survey.      
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