The main focus of the Friends of Busse Woods is to promote volunteer activities with Busse Woods by supporting the Busse Woods Stewards. The Busse Woods Stewards perform restoration activities in partnership with the Forest Preserve District of Cook County and began work days in August 2008. The district has developed a management plan with the Busse Woods Stewards and the support of volunteers is an important part of the restoration work being performed within specific areas of Busse Woods.

Restoration activities performed by volunteers consists of removing invasive species, picking up trash, and gathering and spreading the seeds of native plants. The Calendar of Events contains the dates of restoration work days of the Busse Woods Stewards. The calendar also contains a description for each work day which includes the location we will be meeting. The Busse Woods Stewards provide work gloves and the necessary tools for all volunteers. People of all ages are welcome and we hope to see you at our next work day. Contact us if you have any questions regarding volunteer activities.

You can also visit the Friends of Busse Woods facebook page for a listing of upcoming special events, pictures from previous work days, and additional discussions regarding Busse Woods. You do not need to have an account with facebook in order to enjoy our facebook page.

Volunteers removing buckthorn from Busse Woods during our 2010 Earth Day Event.

Cub scout pack 190 after a day of pulling garlic mustard from Busse Woods.

Keep Track of Our Progress

We have been taking monthly pictures tracking our progress as we remove the brush and various invasive species within Busse Woods. As we clear brush, native species whose seeds are still within the soil will be expose to additional light and given the chance to prosper. The restoration process is very long-term in nature and can take 5-10 years before significant progress is made. However the slideshow below show a part of Busse Woods that was overgrown and is currently being restored by volunteers.

Other Groups Involved with Restoration

Below is a limited list of other groups within the Chicago region that are performing volunteer ecological restoration. This list is fairly limited. If you would like a full list of all volunteer work days being performed within Cook County, you can access the FPDCC calendar HERE.